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Resources Page

Here you will find all the resources our Educators have created filled with tips and tricks for educating at home

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Educator Info

Name: Miss Eden

Position: Centre Director

Qualification: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Family Studies

Storytelling Modules

See Miss Chantelle tell the Clever Lions their favourite stories


A list of activity pages for children to complete

Hands on Activities

View activities that can be completed at home using things you already have around the house


Resources Available

hours available

M-F: 9am – 6pm

contact us


    Our Skype sessions are designed to include children who are at home. If you wish to join, we send an email which includes a link everyday.

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    Resources Available

    Storytelling Videos

    Tips on reading children’s books.

    How your child can become more involved in reading time


    Activity Print Outs

    These activities are used to practise literacy, numeracy, word pronunciations and colour recognition

    Activities for Home

    Creating your own sensory experiences


    Here you will find a YouTube playlist of all the songs your child has learnt whilst at Kindy

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    If you have any ideas, feedback or concerns please feel free to write them here, we’d love to hear what you think, or if there are ways we can improve

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