jungle cubs early education centre brisbane

35- 39 Gordon Street,
Ormiston, QLD 4160

Ph: 3286 3166


Early Education Centre

Jungle Cubs Early Education Centre offers a Government Approved quality kindergarten program and we believe all children have the right to quality education and care. 


Our curriculum is the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines 
Our Curriculum develops learning in all developmental domains such as:

Emotional Development

Children who understand and express their emotions are more likely to build successful relationships, do better academically and overall have better social skills. Educators assist children to develop independence skills to self-regulate their emotions.


Social Skill Development

Children are encouraged to develop healthy positive relationships by learning to negotiate turn-taking to develop friendships as they play and cooperate with others.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

The Kindergarten children will develop a range of motor skills such as throwing and catching balls, hopping, kicking balls and running around obstacles. Our Teachers will encourage manipulative development enabling them to develop strong fine motor skills.

Cognitive Skills Development

Our teachers encourage children to be critical thinkers by developing cognitive skills helping them to develop their attention span, memory and problem-solving skills. Cognitive skills help children to assess their own ability to reason out tasks and find solutions.

STEM Learning

Our teachers use open-ended play opportunities and resources to integrate the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into your child’s learning environment.


Early Literacy Development

Literacy development starts early in life. Our teachers use play-based approaches to help foster children’s Oral language development, Alphabetic Code (alphabet knowledge, phonological/phonemic awareness) and build their understanding of print and its use.  

The Jungle Cub Difference

Long Day Care Hours

At Jungle Cubs we offer a 8 hour kindergarten session, 10 hour session and long day care 12 hour session. We are open 6:30am to 6:30pm

In House Cook

Having our own on-location cook means there’s no need to worry about packing lunches. She is cooking fresh healthy food multiple times a day for all our children and caters for all allergies and dietary requirements.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our Kindy program is run by two Bachelor Qualified Teachers and is overlooked by our Centre Director who holds a double degree a Bachelor in Primary Education and a Bachelor in Child and Family Studies.

Offer Multiple Extracurricular Activities

We offer Happy Feet Fitness and Little Gymnasts as extracurricular activities for our Kindy program which are optional but are incredibly valuable! 

Family Owned Centre

We are a family-owned Centre with a father and daughter team of Jeff and Eden Neale. We are a family-centric centre.