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35- 39 Gordon Street,
Ormiston, QLD 4160

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Home Education

Dear Parents and Carers

At some stage schools and Childcare may be advised to close by the government. We are currently working hard to be able to continue to support our families remotely via current everyday technologies.

Jungle Cubs Early Education is delivered through play-based learning and is structured to allow children to develop and learn.

Learning itself is a natural progression for most and Early education structures that learning to achieve the desired result in the natural development of children.

Jungle Cubs Early Education is currently preparing resources and it is our intention to deliver Early Education Remotely and we will continue to support our families by:

  1. Providing educational resources specific to Kindy, Pre-Kindy, Meerkat, Toddler and Babies
  2. We will deliver virtual classes where possible in and interactive format
  3. Supply Video’s to assist in early education and the areas involved
  4. Allow through technology for the children to be able to remain social and
  5. continued support for parents and carers in regard to assistance with early education at home and the programs we deliver.


We will also be available where possible to discuss the needs and information you may require specific to your child.

It is so important for their development, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and fine motor skills to continue. As adults, it’s hard for us but for our children they are really young to understand why.

Once completed we will advise our families and resources will be available for all existing Jungle Cubs families via our Early works site. We will advise on the remote/interactive/virtual delivery around the same time.

The aim is to be able to keep our little ones learning and growing, help parents and carers to deliver home early education.

For additional information please call myself or Eden.